The perfect travel size with a huge voice! The Parlor is a smaller-bodied guitar originally designed in the 1800's by CF Martin. This insanely cool little guitar with a lot of volume is again finding a new group of fans in the 21st Century. This model comes with 2 sets of nuts and saddles in case you feel like switching from steel to nylon depending on your mood.

Orchestra Model OM


A finger-pickers dream or a blues extraoidinaire. Your choice of long or short scale. This  amazingly versatile powerhouse is known for having an incredibly balanced tonal range and the ability to cut-thru the mix. Choosing the right set-up can make this model a lightning-fast lead machine.



The Dreadnought is one of the most-built and most-recorded acoustic guitars on the planet. It's full, warm sound is a strummer's dream. Originally named after a British batttleship, it continues to be "the" popular choice when choosing acoustic guitar models. Adding the LR Bagg's Anthem pick-up system brings-out the best of this classic. 

Super Jumbo


If Elvis can play it, so can you! The "King of flat-tops" features a large body and a larger reputation. The balance of this large-bodied instrument is found when the hardness of the tonewood and the large cavernous body meet in the middle producing mellow tonal ranges making it a flat-pickers delight!